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You got to be “Trucking” kidding me!

October 6, 2011

So its Sunday night, about 1 quarter into “Sunday Night Football”. My son and I, was enjoying the game, then I realized. Its way passed his bed time. So I started with the clean up song (My son is a little over  2.5yrs old.) “Clean up, Clean up, everybody do there share” in my coolest Sprout TV voice. So as he runs back and forth to his room bringing arm full of toys with him. While I am preparing a nice warm cup of milk, I see him push over a big dump truck to the living room. “Put that back!” I said in a loud, demanding voice. He laughs and tucks the truck in under the coffee tables. (This kid is soiled.) I looked around the room for other toys, but he did a great job, except for the truck. We are now both sitting on the couch, he is sipping away at his warm milk. Then the “Paranormal” happened, the truck moved itself from under the coffee table. We have plush carpet, so what ever moved the toy truck had to use force. My son look at me and said “what happened?” I said “The truck wants you to put him in the room with the other toys.” He gets up and pushed the truck back to his room. Now I don’t get spooked much about the paranormal, but i hope I don’t have a child poltergeist on my hands.

This was a true story!

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  1. michaelle permalink

    Tell me your joking. omg

  2. michaelle permalink

    Hmmmm…how come i’ve never felt this ghost or seen its work.

    • Because you a skeptic, and probably, Dismiss all accounts as if there was a logical answer.

  3. I think it’s time for you to move!

    • ha ha! They follow me. Ghost aren’t threatening, Hollywood ruins people even after death.

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