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Strange, Freaky event.

August 29, 2011

One Saturday night I put my son to sleep, in his bed (which is on the side of my King size bed). Yes, he sleeps in my room, its not an easy task to get a 2yrs to say in his own room.

So, as he slept, I turn on the TV to get the results, of Ghost Hunters. Thirty-five minutes gone by and the show was over. The show was wack, they didn’t fine nothing. So I turned off the TV (in disappointment). As I was sleeping I felt like someone was staring at me (I’m a light sleeper). So I opened my eyes. What I saw scared me. My 2yrs old was on my bed, staring right at me. I jumped back not knowing it was him. Before I can ask him what’s wrong, he crawled back into his bed as if it never happened.

Hopefully one day he doesn’t have a kitchen knife in his hand.

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  1. Sleep with one eye open!

  2. I am in accordance completely!!

  3. You couldnt be more on the level!

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