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World take over (part 2)

August 12, 2011

***before reading this please Read “World take over”

Back on the Mothership, Lee and Roy received applauses on their new found strategy, for “human testing.”

Mom- “I am proud of you my sons.” “No need for UFO sightings.”

Lee- “I told you it would work”

Roy- ” It was my idea” (Roy hitting Lee as he spoke.)

(wait, wait, wait…)

Now that I got ur attention. The point of this story, is to open ur mind. I believe in “Aliens” and they are way more advanced then we are. I actually believe, our government officials do communicate with them.

What if “Aliens” have the ability, to blend in with us, so they can learn ours ways. Our infinite universe is way to big for our life form, to be the only ones that exist.

So if the government knows their existence, why hide it?

Great question, Maybe the government doesn’t have all the answers or there is to much money involved. Let me explain, let’s take electricity, its a billion dollar industry. Now if “aliens” came down and said “Earthlings, electricity is so old school, we can teach you to harness the electricity in the air for free.” Government ain’t having that, so they’ll spend millions of dollars on cover-up, so they can make billions.

NASA -National Aeronautics and Space Administration, pulled one of the biggest hoax of all. “Faked the “1st” moon landing.” I’m not going into detail. I’ll save this for another day.

So look up once in a while….


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  1. You might be right, money runs the world.

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