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Ghost entree #3 “The Dead doesn’t sleep”

August 10, 2011

Everyone enjoys a good ghost story. This is one of my most memorable ghost adventure.

After moving from a chilling ghost haunting. (Read “Ghost” and “Ghost entree #2.”) Everything seems to be normal. That least that’s what I thought. Two weeks gone bye, and we where finally settled in. During the move-in process, I notice that the tenant on the 3rd floor, was using our washer and dryer that was located in the basement. We call the landlord to handle the situation. (Dude was a crackhead.) So one night my Girl woke me up to the sound of our laundry working. So I was pissed that my girl woke me for my slumber. I proceeded to go to the basement to turn it off and throw his clothes on the floor. (by the way, only our unit had laundry setup.)

On the way down the stairs, I can hear the dryer working (sounded like he was drying sneakers.) The banging got louder and louder as I approached. Right before I twisted the knob everything stopped (i assumed the cycle ended). I proceeded to open the door. It was really dark, so I did what everyone would do, I turned on the light. I walked towards the washer and dryer. Everything seemed normal until, I crouched down to open the front loader washer. “Nothing?” I thought to myself, there wasn’t even evidence of it working. Confused, I stood up to check the dryer nothing as well. The dryer was cooler then an autumn night.

No understanding what was going on, I heading back upstairs. (I don’t automatically assume every unexplained situation as a paranormal event. Do do seek the simplest explanation.) My girl asked “Did you throw the clothes on the floor?” I answered “Yes I did”. I had to lie, I didn’t what her to freak out. As I laid back down. “Boom boom boom” the washer and dryer start banging around again. I raced to the basement, thinking this guy is playing games.

I forcefully pushed the door open, to try catch this crack head in the act of toying with me. There wasn’t anyone in the room, but and washer and dryer continued working. (this do not make sence) I had to unplug both units.

When I got back upstairs, my girl asked “Who was I talking with?” I looked at her, and said “I wasn’t talking to any one.” (I guess she heard the ghost(s) talk to each other. I did tell her it was a faulty off and on switch on the washer and dryer so I unplugged it.

We never experienced it again.


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  1. Lucky for you, the dryer didn’t turn on after you unplugged it!

  2. Lucky for the dryer, my next option as an axe.

  3. Creepy! I’m wondering if it’s the same ghost…like the comparison dryer to an autumn night.

  4. Thanks, I was trying something new…

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