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Ghost entree #2

August 6, 2011

It’s was a dark and stormy night (kidding). It was a beautiful summer night in Boston. My girlfriend and I lived in a cozy 3rd floor condo, in a sector of Boston called Dorchester.

What your about to read, was never mentioned my girlfriend named Nikki. (Names has been changed to protect, the party’s involved.) Nikki went to bed early, leaving Cheno all night to engage, in an intense game of: Call of Duty . (If you never play COD, go to your nearest Gamestop….Nevermind.)

During a match Cheno heard, “Cheno” called out. Not being able to pause his live online experience he yell “One Minute”. Shooting away at these terrorist scum, 5 minutes gone by before the round ended. Cheno got up and went to the bedroom. While opening the door he asked “Yes Nikki you called?” She was sound asleep.

Thought he was hearing things so he dismissed it. Walking back to the living room, he notice the back bedroom light was on. He proceed to the second bedroom. ‘bang!’ something fell, as he approach the room. Cheno jumped, not know what to expect, he grab a broom stick. He pushed the door open.

To his surprise, a picture fell from the wall, not straight down, but flew across the room. Confused he turned the light off and shut door. It was getting late, so he called it a night, to much action for one night.

Nikki woke up before Cheno, she woke him up with, “Cheno, why did you leave the fridge door open?” Cheno responded sarcastically “Because I was hot!” “Like really why would I leave it open?” Luckily the food didn’t spoil. Cheno didn’t tell Nikki about the weird experiences, of the night before. (Let’s fast forward to night-time.)

Still fresh on his mind, of lastnight weird event. Cheno was kinda nervous, not knowing what to expect. Being a horror movie fan, he had “Shutter” on netflix. So his senses was heighten due to watching a horror movie. Cheno and Nikki heard the bathroom door open. “what was that?” Nikki asked. “the bathroom door” he answered. He got up to check. Cheno already knew, its had to be paranormal. To protect Nikki, he said “there was a draft that came through, the pressure opened the door.” (that was some good, quick thinking.) After the Movie, they went to bed.

The next morning they didn’t discuss the event that of last night. Nikki was convinced it was a draft. (fast forward to night, I don’t wanna bore you with our day time errands.)

Nikki planned to go out with her friends. Cheno was excited, COD all night (I’m a fiend, I’m playing as I’m writing this.) Nikki left, and Cheno started playing, all the lights was off. During a game he saw a shadow figure moved right to left, by his bedroom door. Cheno ran to the room and turned the light on, instantaneously every light in a condo turned on. “WTF” he thought.

This scared the crap out of Cheno. “what is going on?”he asked out loud. He heard the silverware drawer, rattling in the kitchen. Fear overwhelmed and froze his body. He’s expecting a knife welding manic to run in his direction. He walk towards the kitchen slowly. Cringing his teeth. A breeze followed by a tap on the shoulder, that turned him completely around.

A faint whisper in his ear, “Get out!” In a male voice. Cheno’s mind was racing, this can’t be happening. Cheno took its as a fair warning. Cheno wants out now, but he couldn’t leave. Nikki was on her way home. He didn’t want to alarm Nikki, so he had to think on what to tell her. When Nikki arrived, “why are all the lights on?” She asked. “some crazy shit, happened. Someone try to break in!” Lied Cheno. The next morning they called the landlord. I told her, the “fake” story, on why we was breaking the lease.

We moved the following week, but the haunting continues….

This was based on a true story, believe it or not!

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  1. Claudia permalink

    Yea right Cheno!!!!

  2. True story sis…

  3. Anticipation building for me! These ghosts must be following Cheno! He should ask what they want, maybe a secret mission? Hmmmm….lol Nice job!

  4. Thanks, these ghost are Ruthless. Stay tuned.

  5. The experts believe that ghosts follow people. Good luck with yours!

  6. Bulimundo permalink

    If u would allow some constructive criticism, I suggest getting away from writing in third person for a true story. Going back to what u did for the first entry would make it feel less fictional. Keep it going! I’m still undecided about ghosts.

  7. @ Peter I got my ghost under control now.

    @Bulimundo I started in 1st person then changed it, but thanks for the tip

  8. scary!!!

  9. If this is real and true then I can help you to get rid of them.

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