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World take over

August 5, 2011

2am, Saturday in August was a day that changed Lee’s and Roy’s life forever. In each their own car pulled into a Shaws parking, filled with rice burners ( hooked up Japanese cars.) Yes, Saturday night drag, street racing. The octane filled the air. Music from car audio systems, made it a party.

Lee and Roy, had cool cars. Lee owned a 1998 Nissan Skyline. Roy with his 1997 Toyota Supra. Everyone loved them. Lee stepped out the car but was challenged, from a rival club.
The kid had a acura integra turbo charged. Lee wasn’t worried, he was juice up (Car steroids, better know as NOS.)

As the two car approached the starting line, the spectators helped stopped traffic. The “rival” was reving his engine. Not Lee, he knows to save gas (even though he is going to dump a 1/3 of his gas on this race.)

This fine young Asian girl walked between the cars to start the race. (Yes, she had to be Asian.) Lee, turned up his system. He had the strip bumping. The fine Asian girl put both arms in the air. Then drop them “Go!” she yelled. 1st gear-Lee had a great start, 2nd gear-he was already 2 car length way from his “rival” (the beauty of 4wd.) In Lee’s rear view he see’s the acura gaining on him. So Lee up shifted to 3rd. Both turbos was screen up the 1/4 strip. With the acura on his tale. Lee pushed the Nos button. (if you never experienced, NOS before.., its similar to a plane taking off)

The race ended as quick as it started 10 seconds. Both car pulled a u-turn and headed back to the shaws parking lot. Everyone was cheering Lee (they new he was going to win). Roy walked up to the car and dapped Lee “good run fam” he said excitedly “yeah buddy” Lee answered (I was watch Jersey Shore, DJ Pauly D said “Yeah buddy”, at this moment.)

Two sexy ass Puerto Rican girl came to congratulate Lee. He had his way with women ( unlike Peter, Lee ain’t no virgin (inside joke) visit to understand.)
“Hop in for a ride” Lee demanded. One went with Roy the other with Lee. They drove off to revere beach. (Yes, right on the beach, Lee and Roy was having their ways with these girl (the drink sex on the beach was named after Lee).

Hours gone by it was around 6am. Lee and Roy drove the girls back to their cars. Numbers and Names was exchanged, and the ladies drove off.

Lee “Yo that girl was dope”

Roy “Yeah, sister was better”

Lee “Dude, they was twins”

Roy “That “Situation” was great” (another Jersey Shore plug)

Lee “lets head to Burger King and grab some breakfast”

Roy “Last one there buys” and sped off

Lee caught up to him, but traffic presented the lead, so guess he’s paying. They ate in the parking lot. While they where eating. There Roy’s car started beeping.


Voice  “هب تبسن ا امش همانسانشهرامش ،روبع زمر ودشابیمسپهک امش ییوجشناد هرامش نامه ،یریراک مان :هجوت”

Lee “Damn, we got to got?”

Roy “Yup mom is mad”

Lee and Roy took off rapidly. Both car exceeded, well over 200mph and vanished into thin air.

Cars crashed, wondering what the “hell” happened. Yes, Alien street racers (bet you didn’t see that coming.) Those poor rican girls (you guessed it) “anal probing”. Lee and Roy were modern day Aliens. No need to scary humans out of there sleep, to make them test subject. Rican girl usually never put up a fight.

Back on the mothership, Lee and Roy reported back to the Mother Queen B.

Story will continue next Friday, August 12th.

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  1. Damn, alien street racers? How can we compete. I always wondered where the NOS came from!

  2. Alien technology is amazing. NOS is “out of this world”. So how was the story so far? Did u see it coming?

  3. Ingred permalink

    oh lawd… fiction?….smh

  4. Wait for the 2nd part.

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