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“UFO” by John Smith (guess blogger)

July 26, 2011

By: John Smith

What are UFOs, and where do they come from? Are they extraterrestrial spacecraft visiting Earth from another star system in our galaxy, or are they from our own solar system? Are they inter-dimensional in nature with the ability to pop into our universe from another parallel universe? Obviously, we can’t answer any of these questions with absolute certainty, but it is possible to speculate on some of the scientific principles that might explain timely interstellar spaceflight or methods of inter-dimensional travel.

First, let us assume that UFOs originate from other stars in our own galaxy. The nearest star to our planet, other than the sun, is Alpha Centauri, which is approximately four light years away. At this distance, even at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second), a spacecraft from that star system would take 4 years to reach Earth, at least from our frame of reference. However, due to relativistic effects such as Lorentz contraction (the shortening of distance in the direction of motion) and time dilation (the slowing down of time), the occupants of the craft may experience a somewhat shorter trip. Even so, traveling near the speed of light does not seem to be a very efficient way of exploring a galaxy that is over 100,000 light years in diameter. Could it be that alien technology has carried them beyond normal modes of space travel? Are they capable of near-instantaneous travel from one part of the galaxy to another? Looking at UFO reports over the past 60 years, there are many instances of craft that seemingly blink in and out of existence. Maybe this is evidence of a super-technology that we can only imagine at this point in our evolution.

To get a better understanding of how extraterrestrial spacecraft might achieve this technology, it is necessary to delve into the dark abyss called quantum theory. The idea of quantum connection suggests that once two quantum systems have interacted, they are permanently linked, no matter what the distance is between them. Because of this link, superluminal communication (faster than light) is possible between the two systems. Through a process called quantum tunneling, a particle in system A can instantaneously travel to system B, even though the two systems may be separated by great distances. Could it be that the extraterrestrials have incorporated their understanding of this area of physics into space travel?

The idea of quantum tunneling can be further extended to explain inter-dimensional travel. Scientists have long theorized on the possible existence of multiple universes, all of them together making up a set of all possible outcomes of all possible events. For example, if our universe had been formed in a slightly different manner, then life as we know it would not be possible. Perhaps there is a separate universe for every possible initial condition at the time of the Big Bang, with each of these universes containing life totally foreign to us. It takes a significant stretch of the imagination to grasp these concepts, but perhaps some UFO occupants have succeeded in using a form of quantum tunneling to travel between universes. To an observer, this technology might manifest itself in the sudden appearances and disappearances of UFOs, the so-called blinking effect.

Of course, we can only describe UFOs and explain their technology in terms of our own limited knowledge. The reality of the UFO phenomenon might be far beyond anything imaginable.

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  1. Let’s assume there are other life forms in the Universe. Common sense dictates that life most likely has or will evolve on a planet other than earth…the Universe is too vast. I’d like to believe that we (Humans) are the evolutionary giants. Our technology is slightly better than all others and the other life forms are waiting for us to discover their existence. This is wishful thinking, because the conspiracy theories are probably true!

  2. I believe we are at the low end of the evolutionary scale. Our world isn’t that old. So we are the bottom of the food
    We are a country under “God”, So the government control the amount of knowledge , they release to us. The scientist that leak info, Gets blackball. And lose funding. But how would you feel if the government come clean and tell us the “Truth”?

  3. I’m all about that!

  4. Bulimundo permalink

    “food chain” … Are they going eat us if they find us first? lol ….. John, I think we can eliminate the possibilty of extra-terrestrial beings coming from our own solar system.

  5. So you don’t believe? Count-less sighting all over. Dated back to cave man era. The Truth is out there (X-Files)

  6. Bulimundo permalink

    I definitely believe. And it’s more about logic than x-files. Just saying, its pretty clear intelligent civilizations don’t exist in OUR solar system.

  7. Ok ok I got you.

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