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July 25, 2011

On a nice saturday summer day, in June, (I was 13yrs old at the time). I was having a conversation with my father. On how I am a man now, and need to upgrade my room to the attic for my personal space.

He said to me “The attic is yours upon completing 3 task”. I thought to myself “Are you kidding me!”. I asked “So what are these tasks Papa?” He had this evil look in his eyes. (Your not going to believe the 3 tasks). 1st task He asked ” I need you to gather the 4 elements and put them into a jar.., together.” I looked confused. He laughed and say he was kidding. (This guy is hilarious).

1st task – Clean out the Attic

2nd task – Clean out the garage

So far so good right?, a little hard work for a great return. Then I asked for the 3rd task, the tasked that changed my life.

3rd task- Sleep in the attic for one week ( I thought walk in the park).

I started with the garage, because he let’s me drive the, 1982 VW Rabbit ( that was soon to be mines). I backed the car out, swept and rearrange all the tool in numerical size order. (this took about a half of day). To tired to clean out the attic, I slept in my room of the night. I couldn’t even sleep cause I could not wait to tackle the attic. ( soon to be my man cave). Sunday morning came, I had breakfast ( my famous pancake eggs, I might add).

Papa, join me at the table. He told me the garage looks great, and asked “Are you ready for the Attic?”. My mouth was full so I nodded my head in the “Yes” gesture. After breakfast I ran up stair, to start on my soon to be room. I started to move stuff, to the 2nd attic room (the other room was creepy, I threw the stuff in there, and ran out…lol). I brought up the vacuum cleaner, as I vacuum’d I heard someone call out my name. I turned it off and yelled downstairs ” Yeah?”. No one answered. I tried again “Papa, you called me?” He replied “No, no one called you” (i dismissed

Night came, I was ready. I had made a comfy bed on the floor. Pop’s came in to wished me I good night. As I laid there I was excited, because there was two more days of school before summer break. I fall asleep, as I was thinking about all the cool stuff I am going to my new room.

Morning came once again. My mother usually wakes me up for school before she heads out to work. I was to tired, so I fell back to sleep. I heard my name called out again. I answered “I’m awake”. Looking at the time, I was 45 minutes late. Then I thought to myself, wait a minute … my mother been left for work, and my father leaves for work before her. So who gave me the 2nd wake up call? As I turned around, a transparent apparition (ghost) of an old lady (I say old because of the way she was calling my name) was kneeling down beside me. *She had on a red sun hat and red garden boots*. I turned away and froze. Paralyzed and didn’t know what to do. I built courage to throw the covers and run.

You must think I’m crazy by now, but if you asked my sister who’s room is in the attic? She would say her’s. That changed my life. Since then, I try to seek answers. All I know is that ghostly encounter wasn’t a hostile one (thank ____ <~ fill on the blank)

I had a lot more encounter since then but that’s another story. Till then….

Thanks for reading.., please leave ur thoughts.

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  1. Claudia permalink

    Haha!! My room is right!!

  2. Sis, I’m ready to do an investigation in “Your Room”

  3. Sounds scary, I would have moved out! Keep up the good work!

  4. INGRED permalink


  5. This was a cute story….not to be patronizing. I seriously thought it was a cute story of adolescence and a boy trying to get some independence. So you asked for feedback right? It was missing something for me, I think maybe if you had gotten more into detail on the “ghost” and what happened afterwards with the room and when you shared with either your family or friends on your guest it may have been a more interesting read. Also, be careful with the lols….I’m no expert but when someone is telling a story, I think they should leave it up to the reader to decide if its funny. If you start writing lol after something you think ppl should laugh at, it can get annoying. Once in a while is ok, just be careful not to overuse.

  6. Thanks for reading, I will take ur advice. This is actually my 1st time writing. I am horrible at it, but with practice I should be better…thanks again! (i was going to insert a “lol” but didn’t)

  7. Jess Rubecindo permalink

    Well congratulations! I think it takes a lot of courage to share your writing for others to critique @ will. Keep up the writing, you’re not terrible. Yes, leave out the lol but the ha has may work!!! LOL! Ha ha!

  8. You are actualy not a horriblw wirter at all. pretty decent for someonethat does not do it often. Great story….

  9. Thanks Micha!

  10. Bulimundo permalink

    I enjoy a good ghost story..if you have more, please share. Add lots of details too!

  11. I got one coming, be on the look out.

  12. I had an old man that had died in our house that used to sit on the foot of my bed and watch over me after I was raped when I was 15. He was protecting me.

    • Oh wow, sorry for that horrible event. I believe ghost helps people, but are miss understood.

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