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July 23, 2011

As I enjoyed a nice evening killing zombies in, Call of Duty: Black Ops. My son pointed to the sky and said “Dada star!?” (He didn’t sound sure). I was to engaged in the game to look up, or I would have seen an ugly fate. I was being surrounded by, Brain eating, blood thirsty zombies. (Yes I play violent, shooting game with my 2yrs old, he’s quite good too).

I looked up and said “Yes Eli, “Big” star” (not sure if you can quote something as ur quoting something, but I added “Big” I’m teaching him adjectives). As I was playing, I thought wait a minute we can’t see “Big” stars out here. As I glanced up, no lie the “Star” was only able to be viewed at a different window. I press the pause button, I gave my son a confused look, He gave one back ( He wants to be just like me). I thought to myself
what window was that star originally? No, I sure the “Star” moved. I stared about 5 minutes, I then decided to get out the camera. Upon returning the “Star” was gone.

Yes, My son and I, shared an UFO experience. (It was great). I believe there are a selected few on this earth (we are not alone, you believe in God but not Aliens…smh) that can see unexplained, paranormal stuff. I believe the “Believers” (if you may) uses 25% of there brain and the “Non-Believers” only uses 20% of there brain. Maybe the UFOs and ghost require you to use, a special part of the brain that allow you to see them.

Yes, paranormal believers are smarter then the average person. (yes I said it) think for urself, don’t take the simple answers, challenge ur brain.

Thanks for reading, insert comments below.

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  1. Ingred permalink

    Ineteresting. You could write a book, so detail oriented. šŸ™‚ Real nice. As far as UFOs go, more power to you cuz. Can’t knock you for something you believe in.

  2. Thanks of the support!

  3. Angie Lu permalink

    Not good at writing huh? I beg to differ…. And I feel the same way. In this big, vast, wide, maybe even infinite universe to believe we are the only ones is kinda arrogant don’t you think? I def believe there is life out there somewhere and judging from Eli’s interest, he just may be the one to prove it to our world someday. Keep cultivating his mind, keeping him open to new possibilities is breeding grounds for making him one of our next great discoverers! šŸ˜€

    • Thanks for the support…. That would be nice if He, proves it for us. They already made a movie, about a book he wrote…lol

  4. It would probably be cool to have a UFO experience, unless it’s the scientist aliens…that anal probe can’t be fun!

  5. I wonder if they were watching you play COD to get some ideas on how to get rid of humans….they must be sick of our almighty attitude! You should carry a camera around with you at all times, it seems to me you’re frequently seeing these cool things…Mr. 25% user of brain!!!

  6. Ha ha! I always have my trusty HTC EVO buy my side. By the time I remember to get it out its to late. Even though I see a lot of unexplained phenomenon, I still freeze up.

  7. Not surprised that Eli got to witness that. He is a really special kid an I am not saying this cause he’s my nephew..

  8. He is amazing, and I’m not saying that cause he is my son.

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