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July 22, 2011

1st off welcome to my blog. I don’t know what I’m doing here, and I suck at writing(lol). I recently been reading Peter’s blog and thought blog are fun.

Well here goes,

Time-out.., what is it?

Here is Wikipedia definition:

A time-out involves temporarily separating a child from an environment where inappropriate behavior has occurred, and is intended to give an over-excited child time to calm down. It is an educational and parenting technique recommended by some pediatricians and developmental psychologists as an effective form of child discipline. It involves temporarily removing a child from an environment where inappropriate behavior has occurred, thereby discouraging such behavior. Often a corner (hence the common term corner time) or a similar space where the child is to stand or sit during time-outs is designated.

I blame this bullshit disciple technique on our bad-ass kids. Not my kid…Eli is actually a 80’s baby (if you will). Thanks to the worldwideweb I got Him watching the same things, kids watched growning up in the 80’s.

Back to Time-out, I feel its a ploy the government created to prepare our kids for prison.
How do we teach criminals…, “Time-out”. So why are parents giving their kids short term prison sentence, without a fair trial? (lol)

I am Team Spanking, and there is room for upgrades.., I will put the fear of “Santa” in him. Trust me no kid want coal for Christmas…lol

Thanks for reading

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  1. Team Spanking is cool, but not in public. They will quickly call the cops on you! I argue with my nephew all of the time over whose cartoons are better. Thanks to the net I am able to show him the classics, I win sometimes! Good first one!!!

  2. Ha ha… these new cartoons sux!

  3. Nicely done! I can totally hear your “voice.” Writer’s write what they know and that’s what works! Balance of time out and old school is a must or rather was a must for me, I have grown ass kids. I agree that the new cartoons sux! They can’t touch what used to be! Anyway, I was on Lido’s FB and noticed that you started a blog. I know you may not know who the hell I am, but thought I’d read and see what your blog was about. I started my own blog–here comes the advertisement…lol– if your are interested.

  4. Thanks for reading! I will most definitely will read ur blog.

    I wrote other blogs, help yourself.

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