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Due to the lack of “Paranormal” experiences, I haven’t written in this blog for a while. Last night’s events brought me to this post. Up until recently, I have lost all faith in “God”. I promise you my world has continued to turn the same way. Actually it’s turning better, and I don’t feel guilty about “sin”.

Two days ago, I entertained the idea of “God” being real. With my eyes tightly shut, I asked God Satan for help, since God doesn’t answer anyone’s prayers. “Satan, I give you my soul for a life of fame and luxury” I uttered nervously. I opened my eyes and looked around the room….he was a no show, just like his counterpart.

Last night I had a sleepless night, while on the couch. (Long story…I remember posting a status about it. Thanks to those that kept me entertained). Around half-past midnight, I heard a squeaky sound. As I peeked over the couch, I saw what appeared to be, the bar stool spinning back and forth as if someone was sitting there looking at me. It stopped suddenly, I continued to look for an answer. Not worried about it, I laid back down. Only to notice a figure of a man, bright glowing figure (which didn’t affect my eyes) standing about 5 feet from me. “God?” I asked. The figure shook his head “No”. “Devil?” I asked. He said, “My name is Lucifer.” (We were conversing telepathically, I might add).

I felt at ease and comfortable. He looked nothing like that fairy tale the “Bible” describes him as. We spoke for what seems like hours, but time stood still. *He told me, I could not disclose our conversation*, but I can assure you, no soul was sold. You guys are just going to have to wait and see the outcome of this event.

***This was not a dream***

I’m not trying to change your faith either, just sharing my personal experience.

I wanna give a shout out to my Proof reader: Scribing Sista, read her blog at

You got to be “Trucking” kidding me!

So its Sunday night, about 1 quarter into “Sunday Night Football”. My son and I, was enjoying the game, then I realized. Its way passed his bed time. So I started with the clean up song (My son is a little over  2.5yrs old.) “Clean up, Clean up, everybody do there share” in my coolest Sprout TV voice. So as he runs back and forth to his room bringing arm full of toys with him. While I am preparing a nice warm cup of milk, I see him push over a big dump truck to the living room. “Put that back!” I said in a loud, demanding voice. He laughs and tucks the truck in under the coffee tables. (This kid is soiled.) I looked around the room for other toys, but he did a great job, except for the truck. We are now both sitting on the couch, he is sipping away at his warm milk. Then the “Paranormal” happened, the truck moved itself from under the coffee table. We have plush carpet, so what ever moved the toy truck had to use force. My son look at me and said “what happened?” I said “The truck wants you to put him in the room with the other toys.” He gets up and pushed the truck back to his room. Now I don’t get spooked much about the paranormal, but i hope I don’t have a child poltergeist on my hands.

This was a true story!


Here we go again, summer is unofficially over. Now its time to get our bodies ready for next summer. I will share some on my secrets. In order to achieve our weight-loss goal, sacrifice must be made (if you’re not willing to sacrifice exit now). Let’s start with working out, the best time to work out is in the morning. Your body’s supply of available carbohydrate energy is depleted and the hormonal state makes body fat more accessible.

So hit the treadmill before breakfast, nothing crazy, an even tempo to complete a 5K run (3.2 miles). Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Water is important, Our muscles needs water to function correctly. Ok so you finished your 5K run, now what do i eat?

I start off with a bowl of oatmeal, sure it’s not as good as a bacon, egg, and cheese muffin from McDonald but this is where sacrificing come to play. Sacrifice the taste for much-needed nutrients, Oatmeal is packed with Protein and Fiber, which is the most important nutrient a weight-loser needs. Protein fuels your fat fighting muscles, Fiber deliver these nutrient efficiently. Also protein and fiber keeps you fuller longer.

I’ll write out my meal plan, any questions comment below:

  • 5 am workout cardio 3.2 miles (5K).
  • 6 am – Oatmeal with blueberries (high in antioxidants) with glass of water.
  • 8 am – Veggie omelette with one slice of wheat bread and 8 oz of fat-free milk (Over the moon).
  • 10 am – Greek yogurt (Chobani) 1 cup.
  • 12 pm 4 oz of lean protein ((chicken breast or fish (baked not fried)). With one cup of veggies broccoli and corn is my favorite.
  • 2 pm – Nurtigrain bar.
  • 4 pm – Turkey sandwich (low-sodium) and a banana (pre-workout meal).
  • 4:30pm – workout 45 mins cardio followed by a full body weight training workout.
  • 7 pm – 4 oz of lean protein ((chicken breast or fish (baked not fried)). With one cup of veggies broccoli and corn is my favorite.  What ever i eat for dinner, becomes my lunch the next day. (Last meal of the day.)

This is my daily meal plan, I don’t change it much. The reason I don’t change it, it saves me time on cooking and guessing what I have to eat. Now back to protein. What is it? Proteins are a long chain of amino acids that are linked together. Each of these chains of protein has a specific function in our bodies. Without adequate protein intake much of our body would not function correctly. Basically protein is responsible for all growth, maintenance and repair of cells within the body. If you add a source of protein in every meal, your moving in the right direction. Now its fiber, fiber has two-part.

  • Soluble fiber which can be digested by your body, and may help to reduce the amount of cholesterol in
    your blood. Cholesterol is a naturally occurring fatty substance that can clog up your arteries if you eat a
    diet that is too high in fat. Beans, oats and lentils are good sources of soluble fiber.
  • Insoluble fiber which can’t be digested. It passes through your gut without being broken down, and helps
    other foods to move through your digestive system more easily. Insoluble fiber
    keeps your bowels healthy and helps prevent constipation and other digestive problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome. Wholemeal bread, whole grain rice, whole grain breakfast cereals, and fruit and vegetables, are all good sources of insoluble fiber.

Fiber regulate your bowel (say bye bye constipation).So in closing, if you’re eating Protein and Fiber, most likely your eating healthy.


Strange, Freaky event.

One Saturday night I put my son to sleep, in his bed (which is on the side of my King size bed). Yes, he sleeps in my room, its not an easy task to get a 2yrs to say in his own room.

So, as he slept, I turn on the TV to get the results, of Ghost Hunters. Thirty-five minutes gone by and the show was over. The show was wack, they didn’t fine nothing. So I turned off the TV (in disappointment). As I was sleeping I felt like someone was staring at me (I’m a light sleeper). So I opened my eyes. What I saw scared me. My 2yrs old was on my bed, staring right at me. I jumped back not knowing it was him. Before I can ask him what’s wrong, he crawled back into his bed as if it never happened.

Hopefully one day he doesn’t have a kitchen knife in his hand.

World take over (part 2)

***before reading this please Read “World take over”

Back on the Mothership, Lee and Roy received applauses on their new found strategy, for “human testing.”

Mom- “I am proud of you my sons.” “No need for UFO sightings.”

Lee- “I told you it would work”

Roy- ” It was my idea” (Roy hitting Lee as he spoke.)

(wait, wait, wait…)

Now that I got ur attention. The point of this story, is to open ur mind. I believe in “Aliens” and they are way more advanced then we are. I actually believe, our government officials do communicate with them.

What if “Aliens” have the ability, to blend in with us, so they can learn ours ways. Our infinite universe is way to big for our life form, to be the only ones that exist.

So if the government knows their existence, why hide it?

Great question, Maybe the government doesn’t have all the answers or there is to much money involved. Let me explain, let’s take electricity, its a billion dollar industry. Now if “aliens” came down and said “Earthlings, electricity is so old school, we can teach you to harness the electricity in the air for free.” Government ain’t having that, so they’ll spend millions of dollars on cover-up, so they can make billions.

NASA -National Aeronautics and Space Administration, pulled one of the biggest hoax of all. “Faked the “1st” moon landing.” I’m not going into detail. I’ll save this for another day.

So look up once in a while….


Tomorrow’s post. My conclusion to “World take over”

Check it out.

Ghost entree #3 “The Dead doesn’t sleep”

Everyone enjoys a good ghost story. This is one of my most memorable ghost adventure.

After moving from a chilling ghost haunting. (Read “Ghost” and “Ghost entree #2.”) Everything seems to be normal. That least that’s what I thought. Two weeks gone bye, and we where finally settled in. During the move-in process, I notice that the tenant on the 3rd floor, was using our washer and dryer that was located in the basement. We call the landlord to handle the situation. (Dude was a crackhead.) So one night my Girl woke me up to the sound of our laundry working. So I was pissed that my girl woke me for my slumber. I proceeded to go to the basement to turn it off and throw his clothes on the floor. (by the way, only our unit had laundry setup.)

On the way down the stairs, I can hear the dryer working (sounded like he was drying sneakers.) The banging got louder and louder as I approached. Right before I twisted the knob everything stopped (i assumed the cycle ended). I proceeded to open the door. It was really dark, so I did what everyone would do, I turned on the light. I walked towards the washer and dryer. Everything seemed normal until, I crouched down to open the front loader washer. “Nothing?” I thought to myself, there wasn’t even evidence of it working. Confused, I stood up to check the dryer nothing as well. The dryer was cooler then an autumn night.

No understanding what was going on, I heading back upstairs. (I don’t automatically assume every unexplained situation as a paranormal event. Do do seek the simplest explanation.) My girl asked “Did you throw the clothes on the floor?” I answered “Yes I did”. I had to lie, I didn’t what her to freak out. As I laid back down. “Boom boom boom” the washer and dryer start banging around again. I raced to the basement, thinking this guy is playing games.

I forcefully pushed the door open, to try catch this crack head in the act of toying with me. There wasn’t anyone in the room, but and washer and dryer continued working. (this do not make sence) I had to unplug both units.

When I got back upstairs, my girl asked “Who was I talking with?” I looked at her, and said “I wasn’t talking to any one.” (I guess she heard the ghost(s) talk to each other. I did tell her it was a faulty off and on switch on the washer and dryer so I unplugged it.

We never experienced it again.